FAQ and Diagnosis


What process do the injectors go through to be re-manufactured?

​When the injectors first come in, they are stripped of any removable part and are ultrasonically cleaned to remove any dirt and debris on the exterior. They are then hooked up to the machine and are again ultrasonically cleaned with them pulsing throughout the cycle to clean the pintle and other internal parts . Injectors are then taken to the bench to be back flushed to removed any loose debris from the last procedure (the last 2 steps may be repeated multiple times). 

The injectors are then placed on the flow bench where they are tested to be up to par to the manufactures specs. This includes a leak down test, spray pattern test, as well as static and pulsed flow rate tests. If the injectors are within 2% (most manufactures look for 5%) they are then rebuilt with new o-rings, pintle caps, seals and micro filter (where applicable) They are also flushed with a small amount of  50:1 Mix gas to ensure the longest shelf life possible. 

Why have my injectors cleaned or buy a re manufactured set?

Over time injectors wear out or get clogged due to many reasons. The ethanol used in fuel today can wreak havoc on the fuel system, and if not taken care of properly can cause larger failures down the road. Having your injectors cleaned and running at peak performance will help keep your vehicle running longer, will improve your fuel economy as well as ensure that you get the maximum power out of your vehicle. 

Why buy re manufactured versus new injectors?

New injectors can have a variance of as much as 10% from the factory even though most manufactures say they are within 5%.  Whereas re manufactured injectors from NEI are matched in to sets with the variance no higher than 2%, thus giving you maximum performance from them. Re manufactured injectors are also very cost effective compared to new injectors. The average set of 8 re manufactured injectors is around 100$ where as a new set of 8 injectors can easily run up in the 300$ range.

Are these injectors OEM or from China or other overseas option?

All injectors sold by NEI are OEM injectors from name brands like Bosch Denso Delphi and Siemens Deka. This gives the customer extra piece of mind knowing they are getting name brands as opposed to low quality knock offs like others in this market will sell you.


There are many problems or related issues that can from from a problematic injector or fuel system. Some of the most common issues that a faulty fuel injector can be blamed for are as follows.

  • Starting problems such as delayed starts or rough idle upon start up
  • Idling or throttle hesitation problems
  • High fuel consumption during normal driving conditions
  • Emissions problems / failures such as o2 sensors going faulty often or a clogged catalytic converter
  • Loss of engine performance
  • Check engine light flicker or engine skip under acceleration 
  • Engine misfire over any range